Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mayhem, #Love, #Murder, & Madness in the New America: FINAL COUNTDOWN, a New #Book to #Movie project by Camerado Movies and Media!

In a nutshell: this project aims to make a compelling and marketable ebook out of the completed screenplay for Camerado's upcoming movie project 'FINAL COUNTDOWN: The Tale of Pat and Lloyd', which will then also be used in the process of producing of the movie. 

SYNOPSIS: Two hard luck travelling salesmen in the Southwestern USA commit accidental murder when their counterfeit blenders go haywire, leading to mass destruction and a bounty on their heads. Now fugitives, one finds Love, while the other descends into a surreal escapist world - culminating in a mental Trip to Mars

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Support this Offbeat comedic tale of the 'New Normal of the USA, and you'll actually be assisting with two projects for ONLY ONE contribution in this campaign! Thanks in advance for your support - you can click below to make a contribution of any level you like.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Support Camerado's new project, 'FINAL COUNTDOWN', and edgy dark comedy about the 'New Normal' in America - on #IndieGogo

 Support Camerado's new project, 'FINAL COUNTDOWN', a darkly comedic story of two hapless blender salesmen who become wanted outlaws in the dusty Southwestern United States. See project info, and ways you can contribute and support on #Indiegogo @