Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'BURMA BONG' & Other Short Asian Movies now on DVD & VOD

Viral Stoner Classic, 'BURMA BONG' and other great short movies from Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar by filmmaker Jason Rosette (aka Jack RO) now available on DVD and VOD!

Physical DVD-R with Custom artwork Only $9.99

Both DVD & Virtual DVD Collection Includes:

1) CRAB LADIES - Cambodia, 2011 (Running Time 10:30) 
A dreamlike, impressionistic portrait of crab selling ladies of coastal Cambodia. ** Official Festival Selection, Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival ** 
2) MYSTERIOUS WORKERS ATOP BOKOR MOUNTAIN  - Cambodia 2012 (Running Time 5:30) 
The old French colonial hill station atop Bokor mountain in Cambodia is currently being renovated (in 2012) into a modern mega-resort and casino. All that remains of the old hill station are a few dilapidated structures...and a curious UFO-shaped tower. An army of mysterious workers silently construct the new project - but are they being subliminally guided by the UFO-shaped object? 
3) BANGKOK TRAFFIC - Thailand, 2012 (Running Time 2:10) 
Gorgeous and surreal time lapse based movie featuring traffic flow patterns in Bangkok, Thailand. Composed of thousands of individual high resolution photos - requiring 24 photos for a single second of video. ** Official Selection, 2013 Florida Film Festival ** 
4) BURMA BONG - Myanmar (Running Time 10:16) 
A group of hikers leave their passports behind, take a shotgun and a rifle, and head into the remote forests of Myanmar. Once in Burma, a pair of kindly rangers make a bong from bamboo in the surrounding forest and fire it up...demonstrating the ultimate in 'green travel' 
5) I'M SORRY I FORGOT - Cambodia, 2010 (Running Time 1:00) 
A cameraman, an orangutan...and a missed meal! 
** Official Selection Florida Film Festival / Official Selection New Filmmakers NYC ** 

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