Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'Independent Filmmaking in the Developing World'

Discussing the process of developing and producing an independent feature film in a developing country environment, this ebook examines the US-Asian independent co-production in Cambodia, 'Freedom Deal' as a case study. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

FREEDOM DEAL Local Casting Session #3 in Phnom Penh, 5/26/12

Met with more talent today, for Camerado's FREEDOM DEAL feature effort here in Phnom Penh Cambodia; this was local casting session #3.

We're currently running Cambodia's first-ever crowd funding campaign for a feature film to help raise funds to shoot a section of the full length movie; contribute and participate in our effort on IndieGogo at: http://www.indiegogo.com/freedomdeal-vietnam-war-cambodia-part-1

In particular (and most challenging to find) we met with four contenders for the role of 'Nuon' , the musician/refugee who plays a Cambodian instrument called the Tro Khmer.

In the 'Freedom Deal' story, Nuon and the young protagonist, Samnang ('Lucky') make their way on foot to the safety of the provincial capital as the civil war expands into Cambodia.

'Freedom Deal' takes place during the 1970 US-ARVN 'Cambodian Incursion', during which Nixon sought to locate and destroy NVA & Viet Cong sanctuaries inside the Cambodian border.

This Cambodian incursion led to widespread protests back in the US, including those at Kent State and Jackson State Universities, which led the shooting deaths of unarmed students protesting the perceived expansion of the war.

'Freedom Deal' tells this story uniquely from the Cambodian perspective, with the input of a few US GI characters - including 'redneck philosopher', Private Douglas "Shaky" Griffith. (Western roles to be cast later, pending completion of this first component)

Get more information and updates at the FREEDOM DEAL website (www.freedomdealmovie.com), or contact us directly at camerado@camerado.com

Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy 100% Tax-Deduction for Supporting US-Asian Feature Co-Production, FREEDOM DEAL

Download, Print, & Share the One-Page PDF with all details about how you (if you are a US taxpayer) can make a quick and simple 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION to our Cambodian-based dramatic social issue feature film, 'FREEDOM DEAL'' - an unprecedented US-Asian co-production taking place during Nixon's 1970 'Cambodian Incursion', a lesser known but critical part of the US-Vietnam and Indochina conflict...

...told from the perspective of the Cambodian people, as never before in cinema history.

All US taxpayers will receive a 100% 501 (c) 3 TAX DEDUCTION courtesy of our non-profit fiscal partner, the MEDIA ALLIANCE.

All the Best,



Make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION to our Vietnam War-era feature drama taking place in 1970, CAMBODIA:

The Story of Samnang (‘Lucky’)

A historical-based dramatic feature film set in Cambodia during the expansion of the US-Vietnam conflict in 1970, in Nixon’s ‘Cambodian Incursion’...this Vietnam War-era  movie is told, uniquely, for the first time ever, from the Cambodian perspective! (‘Fascinating’ – Focus Features)

LOGLINE/SYNOPSIS: SPRING, 1970. A Cambodian youth named Samnang (‘Lucky’) rescues downed US airmen, while evading horrific Cambodian ghosts and foiling Khmer Rouge guerillas, as he journeys to the safety of the provincial capital.
*Writers Guild # 1467328 (10th Draft) *SAG-AFTRA signatory in process

After half a decade of research in Cambodia, ‘FREEDOM DEAL’ is now in preparation to shoot in Cambodia in some of the actual locations where the Incursion occurred.

Help us get this unique story told, while getting some great perks and film credits as well  – contact the producers at CAMERADO

Mail your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION*, (*US Taxpayers) in any amount, to our Official Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Fiscal Sponsor:

media alliance (Media Alliance)
Pls. Memo on your check: ‘Freedom Deal Movie Project’
1904 Franklin Street, Ste. 818, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone  1 (510) 832-9000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1 (510) 832-9000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
www.media-alliance.org / info@media-alliance.org

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cambodia's first ever crowd-funded feature, FREEDOM DEAL, needs your support!

 http://igg.me/p/101764?a=207478  IndieGogo, or  http://media-alliance.stores.yahoo.net/intomac6hrme.html   TAX DEDUCTIBLE (non-crowd funding link) through US fiscal sponsor, Media Alliance

FREEDOM DEAL,  a Supernatural Feature Drama set in Cambodia During Nixon's 1970 Cambodia Incursion, as the Vietnam War expands across the border in search of NVA and Viet-Cong sanctuaries...Leading to US Protests and the Killing of 4 Students at Kent State University

Crowd funded, cast, crewed, and (to be) shot in Cambodia, with principal US indie producer working in Cambodia full time / European co-producers and advisors around the world assisting as well with this incredible and unique effort - including music and US period story advisor, Bob Lewis, DEVO co-founder!

A new feature by Camerado SE Asia

Monday, May 14, 2012

Be a Part of Global Cinema History! Help Tell a US-Asian Historical Movie Drama that's NEVER BEEN TOLD

We're more than a QUARTER OF THE WAY (26%) 
to our goal!

Thanks to all contributors and participants so far who have generously stepped forward (see those contributors listed below), to help us produce a short film based on our supernatural, US-Vietnam wartime Cambodian feature movie, FREEDOM DEAL
By now, some of you may have heard about our mission to produce FREEDOM DEAL, a unique Vietnam-War era feature film taking place in Cambodia during Nixon's 1970 US-ARVN 'Cambodian incursion', and intending to shoot in Cambodia in many of the locations where those historical events actually took place.  

The Cambodian government has offered its full support in this cutting edge global film project, stating:

"I am very pleased having received the script of FREEDOM DEAL ”The Story of Samnang”. The Department of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion totally supports your initiation into film production.
I hope that Camerado Movie and Media Production will succeed in producing this film. I have the great pleasure in assisting and collaborating with you.
Mr. Sin Chan Saya
Director, Department of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion"

A recent press release, seen here on PR Log, describes our growing efforts to get this project off the ground and rolling with even greater momentum than ever before.

There are unfortunately no government incentives, grants, or rebates to shoot in Cambodia; we are therefore now seeking to raise a total of $4700 through our IndieGogo crowd funding platform and other sources

Our goal at this stage is to make a 10-minute short film based on a logistically manageable section of the actual screenplay of FREEDOM DEAL, which can be produced on a limited budget.

This short will then be shown at international festivals and other relevant platforms and venues in order to leverage further funding for production of the feature film. 

FREEDOM DEAL is not an ‘Anti-American’ movie of the likes of some kind of ‘Mai Lai Massacre’. Nor is it any kind of statement against other participants in the Indochinese conflict (French, Chinese, Russian, or otherwise) 

To the contrary, FREEDOM DEAL is a GLOBAL ANTI-WAR MOVIE that demonstrates, from civilian refugee, as well as military perspectives, that armed conflict, now or in the past, is a solution of last resort that can devastate all participants for years to come 

FREEDOM DEAL, a story taking place in Cambodia during the expansion of the US-Vietnam conflict during Nixon's 'Cambodian Incursion' has NEVER BEEN TOLD in a dramatized feature film format.  

On top of this, we're planning to shoot it in Cambodia, a very challenging but rapidly developing environment, with local talent, local crew, and with principal Cambodian associates and co-directors to help make the movie as compelling and authentic as possible. (Some relevant regional and international crew and advisors will supplement the production team - see the current FREEDOM DEAL team HERE)

See a brief [5 min.] 'scene demo' below, shot in Cambodia, with some 1970's Vietnam and Cambodian archival combat  footage included for education purposes to provide a ''look and feel" of the FREEDOM DEAL story:  


LOGLINE: SPRING, 1970. As part of the escalating Vietnam War, a combined US & Army of South Vietnam military operation enters Cambodia to locate and destroy North Vietnamese and Viet Cong sanctuaries. A Cambodian youth named Samnang (‘Lucky’) rescues downed US soldiers, while evading horrific Cambodian ghosts and foiling Khmer Rouge guerillas, as he journeys to the safety of the provincial capital.

Our Financial Goal for FREEDOM DEAL short adaptation #1 - $4700 (*whatever funds are received in excess of this amount will be applied towards successive stages of production, including "short adaptation #2", and beyond as required, see below)

  • $4000 of this figure will go towards production: gear rental, grip, crew, expendables, etc. Principal Khmer and Foreign staff will receive the same basic fees.

  • Post production will be handled on a deferred basis by Camerado SE Asia using existing in-house editing gear, and this figure will not be factored into this budget

  • $700 of this figure will be used to master and replicate the short onto DVD, with festival application fees (typically $30-$50) and press kit materials gobbling up the remainder
Our crowd funding funding platform, IndieGogo, allows the use of all funds generated, even if we do not meet our complete funding goal.

If for some reason the full figure of $4700 is not achieved, we will still plow forward with the production as best we can to cover it as effectively as possible with a reduced budget.

Though not preferred, we can use existing in-house DSLR equipment with tripods only (no dollys/jib, etc), and limited grip and expendables. We'll sleep in hammocks instead of guesthouses if we need to. But we'll do whatever it takes to get this short 10-minute adaptation finished and circulating internationally to generate exposure, funding, and PR for the feature production of 'FREEDOM DEAL'.

HOWEVER: IF WE EXCEED our goal of $4700, we will apply this extra funding towards the next stage of our production strategy, which will include:

1) a separate, 2nd short film based on another section of the FREEDOM DEAL script (to be edited together with our other sections)

~ and/
or ~

2) pending successful further funding based on our current short film effort,
 adaptation #1, the generation of sufficient funding to commence production of the full-length feature. 

(*Short adaptation #2 will be more significantly complex and expensive, involving a mock up of a crashed Huey helicopter and foreign talent, a US GI character who encounters our two refugees - SAMNANG and NUON - in the Cambodian jungle.)

Our current ten-minute short, with some sample script dialogue (below), includes the two principal characters refugees in a 'walk and talk scenario' where they stop to rest and to discuss the origins of the conflict. There are no vehicles, no pyrotechnics or weaponry,so the costs of this short adaptation will be manageable, but the scene includes important dialogue and exposition which lays the groundwork for the rest of the movie.

Here is a script excerpt, from our April 28, 2012 casting call for local Cambodian Participants (below):

(Backstory: Samnang and Nuon, two refugees of the fighting, have just eluded a brutal armed conflict between Khmer Rouge Armies and the Cambodian Lon Nol forces; US Huey helicopters patrol the night sky, seeking any targets of opportunity that may be perceived as enemy forces

Samnang and Nuon lie sprawled in a young cornfield a short distance from the roadside staring in exhaustion at the moon.
The moon is full, the sky is cloudless.

That was a close one, kid.

Samnang is dazed, still shivering. He nods dumbly.

I could use some vittles. A little ‘Bon Appetite’.

Nuon spies a creature hopping on the ground. He grabs it: it’s a bullfrog, hopping in the night to find his mate.

It’s a Gai-ep. (frog) A fat one too. Should we make a fire?

He gives it a second thought - 


Na. Someone will see our fire, and then we’re screwed. Last thing I want is to meet my end while eating a frog. 

Yes, ‘Uncle’. ('Uncle' is a term used by any Cambodian youth when addressing an elder)

...though it would be more delicious roasted. 

That’s true, ‘Uncle’.

...with a wee glass of rice wine to wash it down.

Nuon cradles the frog, considering.  

(to the Frog) Sorry pal, it’s your turn this time.

Then, in a single swift movement, Nuon brings the creature down hard, head-wise, on the hard packed earth, smashing the life out of it.

Still kicking. Legs like my old lady actually. Loved to kick me when she was angry.  Which was often, I might add. But here - 

Nuon hands Samnang one the legs, while he holds the other.

Make a wish.

Samnang closes his eyes for a moment...

All he can see is the kind face of his mother at the wedding, moments before everything changed (before their village was destroyed in an accidental airstrike)

Simultaneously, they both pull, yanking the still-living legs off the frog. Nuon pockets the trembling torso for later.

They each pop a leg into their mouths hungrily. It’s silent now, except for their quiet munching.

In the sky, along the tree line, a distant beacon flashes as a helicopter flies low, just skirting the forest.

Hey, ‘Uncle’.


Why is there all this fighting anyway.  These foreign soldiers, our own Khmer soldiers? The foreign soldiers?

Nuon sucks the meat off the frog leg and crunches the bone, speaking as he slurps. 

I guess...it’s because...men are always fighting.  Some women too, like my wife I told you. Kicking me in the ass everyday. But mankind, always fighting.  
Before, there was the Siam empire. We were always fighting the Thais, though we’re not so different in a lot of ways.
Then came the Youns, the Vietnamese. Well we’ve had our differences over the years to be sure.
But some of them are wonderful folk though. Great fishermen I might add, too.

Nuon gestures to the remaining part of the frog.

Do you want the skin or the head?

The head please, ‘Uncle’.

Nuon cracks off the head and hands it to Samnang.

There you go son, you’ll soon be as smart as this frog - 

He ruins the joke by over-explaining it, but somehow making it funny again in the process:

Which ain’t that smart - he he! - considering we’ve caught him and are eating him right now - he he! 

Nuon slaps his leg and laughs mightily at his own wit. He wishes his old musician pals were with him now...he slowly falls quiet.

It’s complicated, son, ‘smook smey’.  As far as the war in Vietnam with the Yankies, well, that all started back with the French ‘Barangs’.
Those ‘Barangs’ got kicked out of Vietnam. Now the Americans are there for some reason, I guess a deal they have between their chiefs.

The moon tonight is massive, yellow. It wobbles in the sky like a blob of greasy butter.

As for our Khmer Grahorm, the ‘Khmer Rouge’, well they’re puny now, but they have big plans I reckon.  
Who knows what will happen in a few years if they get the upper hand?

Samnang tries to follow. He bites down heard on the head of the frog. Its eyes squirt out, but he catches them and sucks them down.

So why are the foreign armies here?  

Well, that’s a tough one, kid. 
The Yankies are here to root out those Youn soldiers and their country guerillas, the Viet Cong, who came in here first as far as I can tell, to tell the truth. 
I reckon the ‘Youn’ were driven here ‘cause of the war in their own country. 
Oh, it’s ‘smouk smey’. Why the Yankies started fighting the Youn in the first place, who can say? But then again - nothing makes sense in war time.
An owl HOOTS and flaps across the meadow. It dives upon a field mouse and snaps it up.

So, Uncle, who’s the ‘good guy’ and who’s the ‘bad guy’?

Nuon reaches for his Tro Khmer (a Cambodian instrument he's carrying) and cradles it on his knee.  He tunes up the strings as best he can and ponders.  

That’s just it.  I’m not sure who the ‘good guys’ are.

He catches himself - 

Well...you and me.  We’re the good guys I reckon. Folks like us. Folks in wartime who didn’t do anything wrong, just trying to live our lives.

(And then, a striking, unbelievable incident occurs, which can only be seen on screen in the finished film...)

YES: I want to contribute to this groundbreaking project!...but, besides being generous, what do I get out of it?

  • A 'video postcard' or phone call from Cambodia - depending on contribution level, which can include a reference to your company and a URL lower third for visitors to follow; see a few video 'thank you postcards below:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you have made a vital, DIRECT contribution to the revival of independent film making in Cambodia, which suffered a complete annihilation of all arts (including cinema) during the Khmer Rouge regime.

  • Fabulous PERKS, ranging from a limited edition DVD of the movie, a 'FREEDOM DEAL T-SHIRT', to an associate producer or even co-producer credit, and more!

Interested co-production partners with a credible track record and IMDB are invited to contact us to discuss further participation; please EMAIL US with inquiries.

METHOD 2) We would also like to add that our longtime contributor and production 'angel',  Rolando Dubioso of Stuttgart Germany, has contributed towards many of our projects over the years, since the release of our first award winning social issue documentary, BOOKWARS ('Terrific' - LA Times).

He has preferred to send direct contributions through our Secure PayPal Payment Portal; if you choose to remain "off the radar" like Rolando, please consider contibuting through this link.

METHOD 3) For US taxpayers, we can also offer 501 (c) 3 tax deductible contribution status through our longstanding, reputable partner, the Oakland, California based MEDIA ALLIANCE - (US taxpayers, make your tax-deductble contribution HERE)

AND NOW: Recapping our previous efforts here in Cambodia: Camerado SE Asia, producer of the supernatural US-Vietnam wartime drama taking place in 1970 Cambodia during Nixon's 'Cambodia Incursion', FREEDOM DEAL, is happy to announce that our first local (Cambodian) casting session, held April 28, 2012, has been successfully concluded!

Potential actor for the role of the Viet Cong guerilla, 'TRINH', attending the April 28, 2012 open call for FREEDOM DEAL.

 FREEDOM DEAL writer-director Jason Rosette screen tests potential local talent

 Princess Soma Norodom, Ratha Tieng, Colleague of Ratha, and coordinator Phun Sokunthearith at the 1st open casting session for FREEDOM DEAL in Phnom Penh

*|YOUTUBE:[$vid=hYmTSVbzDF8, $max_width=400, $ratings=N, $views=N, $border=N, $title=N, $trim_border=N]|*

Now we need your help to achieve the next milestone!

Contribute, either financially, through in-kind services, or technical advice and consultation, at our crowdfunding portal at 

Cambodian screen names Tep Rindaro (L) and legendary Cambodian actress Dy Saveth with FREEDOM DEAL writer-director J Rosette (R). Both actors have expressed interest in the project.

The more complex and expensive vehicle and pyrotechnics-intensive components of FREEDOM DEAL, with name Western attachments sought (ages 19-26) for the roles of two principal US Army GI characters - including disaffected, 'redneck philosopher' and peacenick Private "Shaky" Griffith - will be produced later pending forthcoming budget components. A list of preferred, bankable talent is available to credible co-production partners.

A Chinese fabricator specializes in creating 1:1 replica models of military aircraft and vehicles - as seen above - for a fraction of the cost of rental and sourcing of actual hardware. Our team is in discussions to rent or purchase Vietnam war-era US M113 troop carrier and Huey gunship models for use in FREEDOM DEAL.  Towed or suspended by cabling (easily removed in post) these replicas can fulfill he majority of our production needs involving coverage of US-Vietnam war military era hardware.

Current talent for main protagonist, SAMNANG; here seen in a clip from existing scene demo

Potential sidekick of SAMNANG, named ROAT

Potential actor for the ornery, wise-cracking wedding player, NUON; see a reading from actual script:

Several successful features, like 'Slingblade' or 'Bottle Rockets', have utilized this staged approach effectively - that is, using a standalone short to represent and secure further budget for the full length production. 

As film infrastructure, talent and production resources in Cambodia are significantly more limited in Cambodia than in developed countries, we have also lined up industry proven production service partners in neighboring Thailand for heavy grip and lighting, prosthetics for ghost characters, secure & comfortable stand-in facilities for visiting name talent if required, and more. 

Last but not least: thanks much to the Khmerroyal hotel, conveniently located on the Phnom Penh riverside, for providing us with their ground floor space to undertake this first session.  Thanks also to the Cambodian Daily for running the ad for the open call for talent in the days leading up to the session (see ad below)

Some talent pix below from the 1st FREEDOM DEAL local open casting session in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (April 28, 2012)