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A guide to pre-KR Music, Film, and other content usage for the Benefit of Local and Foreign Producers

A guide to pre-KR Music, Film, and other content usage for the Benefit of Local and Foreign Producers

Mediamakers who have an interest in utilizing pre-KR IP [Intellectual Property], including music, archival film clips, etc in their film, video, multimedia, or other production, please read on…this information comes on the heels of the informative and extensive IP Forum on General Aspects on Intellectual Property Rights in Cambodia held at Pannasastra University on August 7, 2008, in Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA.

Further information was gained via direct meetings between Camerado and representatives of the copyright registrar’s office, including the Director of the Copyright Department at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. Several issues were discussed related to IP [Intellectual Property] rights and usage including Pre-KR Cambodian music usage in productions, public performance of motion pictures*, application procedures for licensing content, and more.

[*Camerado’s taken some heat on this issue in the Phnom Penh art scene, due to our active stance promoting proper public performance of movies here…we do this because we want to see an actual first run movie house come to town. Glad the Ministry itself is finally publicly supporting this position!]

IN SUMMARY, the status of pre-KR
content rights ownership is as follows:

Although the KR regime disabled rights-ownership while in power, pre-existing IP copyrights were (and are) restored to the Ministry for proper management upon conclusion of KR regime. If previous owner (i.e. Heirs, estate, studio or musician, etc) comes forth to petition Ministry for original rights, those will be granted pending proof of original ownership. Any unclaimed or "orphaned" IP material is administered directly by the Ministry, who will receive inquiries and applications regarding using copyrighted content in media productions.

Therefore: copyright and ownership of content produced during pre-KR period is intact, and permissions for music and other content usage must be secured as they would in any other developed nation or bona-fide media production environment. That is to say, if a producer—Khmer or foreign—wants to include pre-KR content in their own original work, whether via a soundtrack or film clip, this material must be licensed from the owner. In the case of unclaimed/”orphaned” content, an inquiry for usage must be made at the Ministry.

Productions which fail to secure proper usage rights are engaged in misuse of Cambodian IP, which is not only unlawful, but may leave the producer liable to Errors and Omissions issues later which can impede the sale or broadcast of their work; misuse may also impact original artist’s estate/heirs or current copyright holder’s revenues. Application forms for specific titles/tracks can be obtained at the Ministry (in Khmer).

Contact: Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts #227 Preah Norodom Blvd Phnom Penh City, Cambodia 855 012 891 800

Camerado IP Guide © 2008 J Rosette/ CAMERADO – first published August 14, 2008

Also available as a PDF here

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Camerado Update: August 2008


CAMERADO Movies & Media SE Asia ~ 08/18/08
Camerado acquires Cambodian translation rights to Kerouac's "On the Road (docu of project planned)
CAMBOFEST 2008 & Asia Pacific Screen Awards
Camerado writeup in AIVF "The Independent"
Pre-Khmer Rouge IP & Copyrights in Cambodia
iPod Movie Zone * & More!


===> CAMERADO acquires Khmer translation rights
to Kerouac's "On the Road"(docu of project planned)

CAMERADO is happy to announce the acquisition via purchase of the Khmer language
translation rights to Jack Kerouac's classic novel, "On the Road".

We thank STERLING LORD LITERISTIC, INC., New York, NY, for additional flexibility
in granting the rights to conduct a simultaneous interpretive translation
in order to assist Cambodian readers and scholars to gain insight into some
areas of Western culture and milieu which may be otherwise challenging.

The linkages between OTR, Kerouac, and Cambodian culture are interesting:

Kerouac was born and raised in Lowell, Massachussetts, which happens to be home of
one of the largest Cambodian communities in the US; furthermore, Kerouac, who studied
Buddhism extensively, wrote his first draft of the first great Beat novel on a single,
150 foot scroll of teletype paper; the novel itself describes an exuberant and
dizzyingly rapid state of development of a nation (the US), just after WWII, which
resonates with aspects with Cambodia's own rapid development as a viable nation today...

A documentary following the progress of the project is planned, as the process of
translating from contemporary Latin-based Beat English to Pali-based Khmer will be
challenging...Interested and willing collaborators, commissioning editors, poets,
scholars, publishers, and translators--
please drop us a line.

SEE Our Press Announcement straight from Cambodia at CAMBOTUBE - "Youtube" of Cambodia
"an important tool for democracy - Cambodia Daily", and also a Camerado grass-roots
media initiative:

** Contact CAMERADO with inquiries at--> **

GENEROUS FOLK$: Please contribute to the Kerouac Cambodia project,
a grass-roots, private enterprise, experimental literary endeavor:

Interested co-producers and commissioning editors, please contact
regarding the planned documentary of the project!


===> CAMERADO Titles now available for new affordable *Public Performance Price*

Camerado's second feature SUSAN HERO ("Compelling" - Sundance Channel) & first feature BOOKWARS
are now both available for a wallet-friendly new low price...including PPR
[Public Performance Rights]

Also available is the "avante garde tour de force", HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT--shot on
location at the actual Hollywood Sign in LA, CA!

BOOKWARS "Terrific" - LA Times "Superb..." NY Film Critics Circle
** DVD =>
SUSAN HERO "Compelling" - Sundance Channel
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HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT - A psychedelic journey to the heart of the Hollywood Dream!
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Don't need Public Performance? Download "BookWars" to rent at Amazon UNBOX:


Buy the glass-mastered DVD of "BookWars" at FilmBaby for $12.99!


===> BOOKWARS: Still going strong!

CAMERADO's first feature, "BookWars" ("Terrific" - LA Times "A slice of true life"
NY Times "Superb" NY Film Critics Circle)...edited on the road in New Mexico, San Francisco,
and New York City...the award winning story of New York City street booksellers will
screen with filmmaker J Rosette (IMDB
present for Q&A in Phnom Penh

Co-produced by auteur doc filmmaker Michel Negroponte (yes, brother of John Negroponte) "BookWars" has to date generated nearly a quarter million dollars in profit--

The feature version of "BookWars" will enjoy its
official regional premiere at Pannasastra University, Phnom Penh
on Saturday, September 6 2008

Preceded by the sneak preview of Camerado's NEW Rock & Roll themed
short docu, "Vuth Learns to Rock", the story
of a young Cambodian man who is exposed to Motorhead, the Ramones,
the Kinks, and other rockers for the first time--
under the tutelage of local PP rock maestro, Jun "Rocker"
from Phnom Penh's own Zeppelin Rock Cafe

((( Saturday September 6, 2008 @ Pannasastra U, Phnom Penh, Cambodia )))

** Leading up to a screening of "BookWars" at the
impeccable Hanoi Cinematheque, Hanoi Vietnam in October...stay tuned for more info!**

Contact with inquiries


===> Camerado-produced CAMBOFEST: Film and Video
Festval of Cambodia ( selected by
Australia based Asia Pacific Screen Awards to provide
compelling Cambodia made and Cambodia-themed movies!

A note from from the APSA...

"The Asia Pacific Screen Awards acclaim, at a global level, the cinematic excellence and cultural diversity
of the vast Asia-Pacific region in a unique collaboration with CNN International, UNESCO and FIAPF –
International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia was invited by FIAPF and APSA to become an
Official Submission Organisation. The Cambofest: Film and Video Festival will submit eligible
Cambodian feature films for consideration in the 2008 Awards, to be held on the Gold Coast,
Queensland, Australia, on November 11.

The independent APSA Nominations Council comprising distinguished international film industry
members will meet in Brisbane, Australia, from September 20 - 26 to decide up to five (5)
nominees in each Award achievement for final judging by the international Jury.

Academy-Award™ nominated director Bruce Beresford is President of the APSA 2008 Jury.
Additional members of this five (5) panel Jury will be announced shortly."

CAMBOFEST welcomes any further Cambodian features (free of entry fee) for submission


$UPPORT CAMBOFEST, Cambodia's first grass-roots, independent film fest-->

For more information, visit the APSA website at:


===> CAMERADO Writeup in AIVF's "The Independent" Magazine

Check out first-hand what Camerado's been up to out in SE Asia, including
the latest on Camerado's *third* feature, the social issue drama (ala "Blood Diamond"),
FREEDOM DEAL, the story of two refugees in Cambodia during the US incursion in
May 1970--with story and music input from DEVO co-founder, Bob Lewis:

More information on FREEDOM DEAL here:



The iPod Movie Zone, a kick ass, grass roots media platform vends your movie or album to a global
audience; check out to get started

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===> CAMERADO consults with local Cambodian ministries, produces
quick reference guide to pre-Khmer Rouge music and content
usage and permmissions

IP [Intellectual Property] ownership of pre-KR content, variously considered
annhiliated by the Khmer Rouge regime, is alive and well!

Check out this handy reference guide produced by Camerado based on
new information made available at a recent IP Forum at Pannasastra University,
Cambodia, as well as private followup consultations with Ministry
officials themselves:


The CRUNCH [Cambo-made garage rock] by the Gone Marshall

The Crunch
Artist/Band: The Gone Marshall
Audio CD

The latest release by the Gone Marshall, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia:
Merging the sounds of of Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash,
and some Fatboy Slim--with blues, trance, and spoken word.

Featuring ethereal vocals and a grinding, edgy humbucker sound

** Produced and recorded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia--the first signature
album of the emerging Phnom Penh garage rock scene! **

BUY IT at Amazon's Createspace for $9.99



A few movies and clips produced by Camerado available for free viewing online:

"Have Forest, Have Life"
Produced for Wildaid, CI, and FFI; about biodiversity in the Cardamom Mtns of Cambodia:

"Orphan Teacher"
Camerado principal J Rosette teaches orphans & street kids in Phnom Penh

..and various other items at the Camerado channel at YouTube:


Remember: many Camerado projects are independent, grass roots, and self-funded,
leading to media that takes risks beyond the boundaries of a donor agenda...

If you care to support or assist one of our projects (Kerouac Cambodia, Cambotube, CamboFest)
that's greatly appreciated and will be duly noted; please also contact us at to discuss co-
production or commissioning of our Film & TV efforts.



CAMERADO ~ In SE Asia since 2004
Attn: J Rosette or Vuth Tep
PO Box 707 12000 Phnom Penh

CAMBO [855] 012 194 2702 * [855] 011736206
THAI [66] 0816179240
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FREEDOM DEAL (in active "D") * FINAL COUNTDOWN (completed feature script)