Monday, May 31, 2010

Selections underway for BANGKOK INDIEFEST...

A thorough selection process in underway for the hundreds of movies submitted to year one of the BANGKOK INDIEFEST ( - take a look at some of our submissions in the accompanying video

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selection_process.3GP (641 KB)

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BANGKOK INDIEFEST ( Dates & Venue Information!

The first annual BANGKOK INDIEFEST (, featuring International and Thai independent movies of all kinds!


August 6-8*, 2010

(*with possible extension, depending upon popular demand...)


244, 248 Soi Vipawadee16/32
Vipawadee Rangsit Rd., Dindang
Bangkok 10400

...right next to the Ratchadapisek MRT (easy-to-find underground station)

See the map and other info @

BANGKOK INDIEFEST is a new independent movie festival produced by both Thai and foreign filmmakers and movie lovers.  Our goal is to create a fun and inclusive platform for emerging international and local films and filmmakers here in Bangkok.

Since our call for entries last August, hundreds of movies have poured in from around the world, sent by international and Thai filmmakers who are eager to screen their work here.

BANGKOK INDIEFEST showcases: International and local shorts, documentaries, dramatic features, animation, ‘Very Short Movies’ (under 10 min.), an open screen film jam, and our very special ‘Area 51’ showcase of strange, underground, and ultra-alternative movies.

Although the lineup is still being finalized (to be announced on or before July 1st), many overseas filmmakers are excited to attend the festival, even despite the intense international media coverage of the recent protests.

Despite the unfortunate destruction of several local venues due to arson, and the cancellation of many other Bangkok events due to a difficult sponsorship environment following the protests (* for example, we have extremely limited external funding)...

...BANGKOK IS ONCE AGAIN SAFE for local and international guests!

BANGKOK INDIEFEST forges ahead to help celebrate the art of independent film in the creative hub of Southeast Asia!

Check the BANGKOK INDIEFEST website @  for updates, schedules, maps, and more information.

We continue to welcome any interested contributors, supporters, and sponsors. Contributions still welcome to help cover venue costs and AV rentals; please consider making a contribution through our fiscal sponsor, the (global) Media Alliance -->

Phee Chayakul * J “J” R * Wicky O’Rama * Et Al. / [66] 0843981382

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Friday, May 28, 2010

The challenges of making an Indie Cambodia!

Independent filmmaking is tough; filmmaker J Rosette sold off all his belongings and left the US to head to Southeast Asia, where rent and cost of living are cheaper, in order to edit his second feature, 'Lost in New Mexico: the strange tale of Susan Herp'

Although the movie was shot in New Mexico, little did anyone know that a distant, developing country - Cambodia - would play an instrumental role in the completion of the film.

Listen to his story via the attached audio pressclip, and find out what it took to get this movie made - no matter what!


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presskit_08-15-06.m4a (8660 KB)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Radio spot for 'Big Vendetta', the fictitious movie featured in LOST IN NEW MEXICO

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final_wing_spot_III_IMA.wav (3696 KB)

The attached radio spot can be heard playing in the background on TV
and on the radio in Camerado's 2nd feature, LOST IN NEW MEXICO: the
strange tale of Susan Hero.

In the movie, the spot - featuring fictitious action star Chuck Wing -
has got a phone filter on it and is muffled - but here it is uncut and
unmodified for your listening pleasure!

(*Trivia: while the movie takes place in New Mexico, much of it was
post produced in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; the spot features various
friends and expat colleagues of the director, J Rosette)

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TechNYou talks about cloning in the movie "Lost in New Mexico"


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LOST IN NEW MEXICO: "Recommended" - Library Journal

Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero. color. 85 min.
Jason Rosette, Camerado, dist. by 2008. DVD UPC
8-83629-27962-6. $39.95. Public performance. F

This atmospheric and moody no-budget feature shot around the city of
Albuquerque is aptly marketed by its resourceful director as "a sci-fi
cloning road movie for the 21st century." Rosette's timely fusing of
diverse genre elements involves no less diverse a cast of characters:
Susan, a grieving young woman who robs the movie theater at which
she's employed so she can pay for the cloning of her recently deceased
daughter; Dr. Morell, a maverick geneticist bent on extending the
reach of his illegal cloning services; Javier, an illegal Mexican
immigrant accompanying Susan; Carl (played by Rosette), a
self-doubting FDA agent on the trail of Morell; and Lonnie, a Native
American potter trying to raise funds so his daughter can attend
college. Rosette (Bookwars, LJ 10/1/00) envelops these characters in
the evocative desert landscape, complemented by a wistful and spare
guitar soundtrack. Extras include a production slideshow with the
director eloquently detailing the film's difficult history. Recommend
for adventurous viewers.—Robert A. Sica, Eastern Kentucky Univ. Lib.,

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Camerado's 2nd feature, LOST IN NEW MEXICO, now viewable for FREE online! (Lo-Fi version)

The 2nd feature by Camerado (, producer of innovative
and compelling entertainment and edutainment media is now available
for viewing online for free (lo-bitrate version, no extras)

LOST IN NEW MEXICO: the strange tale of Susan Hero

Check out the lo-fi version here: * [* bottom
of page]

Special pricing now also available for public performance DVDs for
libraries and institutions - now available for only $39.95

"Recommended" - Library Journal
"Definitely Independent" - Julie Corman
"More than another out-of-the-box Indie flick" - Rogue Cinema

@ the Camerado store on Amazon/Createspace:

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