Tuesday, July 02, 2013

FREEDOM DEAL, Supernatural Vietnam War-era Historical Cambodian Drama, Now on VOD at REELHOUSE

'FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky', Camerado's new supernatural historical drama set in Cambodia in 1970 during the US-Vietnam War's 'Cambodia Incursion' - and told, strikingly from an Asian point of view - is now available on home use VOD on REELHOUSE.


Due to numerous ongoing worldwide requests,  FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, the first-ever dramatization of a never before seen intersection of Western-Asian history is now being made available on Home Use VOD (Video on Demand) simultaneous to its ongoing festival and academic/library circulation.

While the ideal environment for this striking genre-busting Asian movie remains the theatrical large screen (*see http://www.freedomdealmovie.com/ for screening schedules) a superb alternative for folks without access to the movie in a festival environment, or who don't want to wait to see it, is available now on sparkling HD on REELHOUSE.

This unique Cambodian Southeast Asian multi-festival selected film is best seen in a group theatrical environment with full frame HD; so, check the 'FREEDOM DEAL' website at http://www.freedomdealmovie.com to keep an eye on screening dates as well.

FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky
A Camerado SE Asia Production
A movie by J "Jack RO" Rosette