Monday, June 04, 2012

Princess Soma Norodom of Cambodia Encourages Support for the 'Freedom Deal' Movie Project in Her Country

Cambodian Princess Soma Norodom, working with the 'Freedom Deal' movie production effort in Cambodia as a local PR & Outreach Liaison, makes the following statement: 

"With the support of the international media and filmmaking community, the story told in 'Freedom Deal', about an unexplored part of US-Cambodian history during the Indochina conflict, can finally be told from a Cambodian perspective."

"By training and using local cast and crew, alongside Western and other developed world professionals, Camerado SE Asia also seeks to help revitalize the re-emerging Cambodian film production industry following its destruction during the Khmer Rouge regime. I am honored to be involved with the movie, 'Freedom Deal!'".  (See Soma's new column at the Phnom Penh Post HERE)

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