Monday, August 21, 2006

Me So Bloggy!

Back in Cambodia. Now editing the wacky short, Hollywood Blackout, which pal Tim Merril and I shot up at the Hollywood Sign when I was in LA back in the US. You can find it at Youtube [the teaser}, just do a search for Hollywood Blackout.

Anyway, now submitting Camerado's second feature, Susan Hero, to more fests. So far, have sent recently to sveral notable domestic and one international.

Also replaceing/updating some of the Native AMerican audio with stuff we now have the rights to use.

Also just finished the TV version of "Have Forest, Have Life"(see Google Video and do a search there to take a look) according to the UNDP's specifications. Looks like they will have it play on TV here, and will relate any news regarding that as soon as that happens.

That's it--headind to Thailand tomorrow for a week for a much needed break!