Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fat Lizards Hang from the Ceiling in the Gobbling Nook of Insect Dreams

Today, down time on all media sides as G (back in NYC) figgers out how to get the hard drives running again to tweak the cut--again--of Susan Hero. Current approach is to have him cut a 100 minute version, which will cause, I hope, a tighter, leaner cut. And the ultimate goal is to make a 100 minute version for release.

None of the Hollywood people I know can perceive the emergence of this picture, I'm sure, the odd-angled way it's taken place.

But you can be sure that when the picture makes its rounds on the festival cicuit and lands the frist few TV sales, they'll be patting us on the back:

"Here son, have a cigar."

So what's my company now that I'm still obsucre, in the raging Asian night, in the furthest Mekong reach of the lumpen Earth?

Lizards. Geckos actually with flabby, fat round pawed toes, who've stakes out territories near the awful lamp which adorns this Khmer ceiling. They lie in wait for unsuspecting insects, then they'll pounce suddenly--gulping their prey--to return to their shadows with bulging eyes.

They remind me a puppet who never made it onto Sesame Street. Al little too weird. A little too VILE. [my favorite was always Oscar the Grounch anyway. angry dirty hairy monster with a Bronx accent who lived in a garbage can. Awesome. Never see that on today's careful, correct, litiginous TV]

Anyway, will head soon after this exhausting day of teaching and hustling for a post facility to make the hilltribe trailer, to Mikey's bar, where fat Jack likes to display his drunken stomach, where Navy, the sexy Khmer waitress was just pulled from her post by her gun weiling Military Police husband--and where tonight is "Jam Night", and I will try to recall a few tunes.

Raskolinikov said "They laugh from drink; I shall drink and get drunk with them."

Sometimes wise, sometimes not, depending on the current state of your skeleton.