Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Panorama Photography and Virtual/3D Tours of Cambodia Hotels, Real Estate and More in Siem Reap, Cambodia

A couple panorama and semi-panorama photos posted here, with more on the way. A few virtual/3D tours are also in production and will post those when I get a chance as well. We also do standard architectural and other forms of photography and promotion for real estate, hotels, and more: contact with inquiries

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Now on Amazon Instant Video: Camerado's supernatural Vietnam War-themed historical drama, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky

Camerado's recently completed supernatural historical drama, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky - set along the Cambodia-Vietnam border in 1970 during the Vietnam War - is now available to watch instantly on Amazon Instant Video.

Watch on Amazon Instant Video Instantly: Cambodian supernatural drama, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky

SYNOPSIS: May 4, 1970 – Cambodia. During the 1970 US-Vietnam conflict, a combined US & Army of South Vietnam military operation enters Cambodia to locate and destroy North Vietnamese and Viet Cong sanctuaries. A Cambodian youth named Samnang (‘Lucky’) and an ornery but likable wedding musician make their way through the conflict – encountering landmines,  surreal Cambodian ghosts known as ‘Arbs’, and marauding helicopters as they go.

Protagonists from the Cambodia movie, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky - a Southeast Asian film set during the Vietnam War

Supernatural Cambodian being known as an 'Arb', appearing in the Southeast Asian movie, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky - watch now on Amazon Instant Video!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

From Camerado on Youtube - Send Recurring Scheduled Emails and Social Media Updates with PYTHONMAILER

Send Recurring Scheduled Emails and Social Media Updates with PYTHONMAILER Fast, flexible, FREE and intuitive web application from Camerado Digital allows users to send recurring scheduled emails with a user-friendly intuitive interface. Emails can be sent as reminders, monthly invoices, or can be used to update a wide range of social media platforms through those systems' post by email function. Users can update Facebook, Twitter Buffer, and many other platforms with recurring email routines set to schedule and repeat in advance - a must for any social media manager or outreach specialist. Free Beta Accounts coming soon, with Paid 'Power User' upgrades available // Contact cameradodigital@gmail.com with inquiries Visit PythonMailer at http://ift.tt/1wnrlJ8

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New App from Camerado Digital lets users send Delayed, Scheduled, and Recurring emails from their Own Server!

NEW from Camerado Digital:  the PythonMailer Email Application (http://www.pythonmailer.com) allowing any user to send Recurring, Scheduled, and Repeat Emails easily and Effectively.

This is an amazingly handy breakthrough tool not only for sending recurring reminders and company invoices, but for triggering the release and delivery of content to social media channels via each platforms 'post by email' functions.  In other words, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and more can be blasted out by the PythonMailer platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round - all according to the user's desired scheduling parameters.

Built with a robust Python / Django framework, PythonMailer features a user-friendly WYSWYG interface plus an intuitive calendar function to schedule recurring emails at a future time and date of the user's choice.  

Messages can be sent from any selected time zone, and can be paused and restarted individually or globally as desired.

Messages are scheduled, then added to the queue on the right; the server does the rest, sending the content without any further interaction from the user.  The queue of emails can be exported for archival or for modification offline - and can then be re-imported as needed or desired without having to manually enter all the emails again through the interface.

PythonMailer is being sold as a complete and ready to use licensed system with turnkey install on an inexpensive VPS server, ready to go.  No technical know-how, subscription fees or further payments required! 

User licenses once, and Camerado Digital installs complete with Bootstrap theme onto a new VPS server account (server is about $5 a month, paid for by user independetly of the installation)

Contact Camerado Digital for more information including a quote or demo, or to order the installation of your very own PythonMailer system

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

From Camerado on Youtube - Kid Jamming out on Thai Traditional Instrument with Dancing Robots, on Sidewalk in Bangkok

Kid Jamming out on Thai Traditional Instrument with Dancing Robots, on Sidewalk in Bangkok Subscribe at http://ift.tt/1rF2eoC for more great videos :: A kid jams out while playing an electrified 'Seung' from the Isan region, on the sidewalk in Bangkok, Thailand. Meanwhile, small robots dance along nearby...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FREEDOM DEAL: Story of Lucky - Popular Among Youth in Cambodia & Thailand

Interesting year-end analytics of a section of Camerado's Southeast Asian supernatural historical drama, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, clearly demonstrates the movie's popularity among local (Asian) audiences.  

Of a total 194, 463* minutes viewed (*4.43685041 months), the breakdown is as follows:

As the movie is set in 1970 along the Cambodia / Vietnam border during the US-Vietnam conflict, and is produced in the Khmer language, it should come as no surprise that Cambodia's metrics take the lead here, with 47% of total views (91, 227 minutes watched).  

Thailand follows with 28% (54, 465 minutes watched), lending support to a regional supernatural & historical appreciation of the film's context.  Thailand also happens to share a similar supernatural being, which is called the 'Arb' in Cambodia, yet named 'Krasue' in Thai language.

Vietnam follows with only 6.5 % viewership (12, 585 minutes), which is notable since the story is set during the US-Vietnam war (aka 2nd Indochina conflict). 

However, it's worth pointing out that the Vietnamese principal characters that will appear in the expanded FREEDOM DEAL project do not appear in the 'Story of Lucky', which is a standalone medium length drama based on a section of the feature screenplay.

The US comes in 4th in terms of total views, but is slightly higher than Vietnam in terms of minutes watched and average view duration. Both numbers would obviously be expected to increase pending the involvement of name US / Western talent in the expanded feature & episodic variations of the FREEDOM DEAL project.

Another key point of the metrics seen here is the traffic source (not pictured yet), which shows an overwhelming use of mobile platforms for viewership.  This factor indicates a heavy viewership among the youth demographic, which is satisfying overall since that demographic - particularly in Cambodia - frequently lacks significant context and understanding of their own country's history.

Thus, even in the adapted format (medium length movie versus anticipated feature and episodic), FREEDOM DEAL is effective in revealing a little known historical chapter of  the region's history to an important, emerging youth demographic.

Even so, the Entertainment-Education format used the a prosocial vehicle in 'Story of Lucky' seems to be lost on some viewers, notably and curiously, a significant swath of international film festival programmers and reviewers. 

Reception among that group appears to be driven by a tendency or political imperative to embrace Western or international-skewed depictions of populist elements in the SE Asian context - i.e., what a Cambodian or Southeast Asian story 'should be' - rather than an acceptance of what local Asian audiences (especially youth) actually find to be appealing according to the data driven analysis, above.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sidewalk Screenings in Cambodia: Supernatural Asian (Cambodia) Movie, FREEDOM DEAL

Camerado's original supernatural Asian historical dramatic movie, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, set along the Cambodia-Vietnam border in 1970 during the Vietnam conflict, continues to enjoy popular support and appreciation internationally - and on the ground in Cambodia in well.

A series of October 2014 sidewalk and street screenings in Phnom Penh and in the rural Cambodian countryside, demonstrated conclusively a striking level of popular local support for this pioneering onscreen supernatural historical drama.

FREEDOM DEAL J "Jack RO" Rosette in Cambodia, Oct 2014 

Utilizing a network of volunteers operating battery powered Pico projections systems, and supported by two Beta-stage, CUDA accelerated PILGRIM media player systems (*designed by J "Jack RO" Rosette, director of CAMERADO and co-producer of FREEDOM DEAL - read more HERE), the successful October 2014 Cambodia screenings of FREEDOM DEAL conclusively demonstrated that the movie exhibits strong international crossover potential - bridging the gap between a local populist Asian sensibility and an international and Western moviegoing experience.

FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, is based on a section of the expanded FREEDOM DEAL feature and episodic project currently in development. Following over half a decade of research in Cambodia, where writer-director J "Jack RO" Rosette lived and worked between 2005 and 2013, the FREEDOM DEAL story takes place at a critical juncture of Western-Asian history, during the little explored 1970 'Cambodia Incursion'. 

This military operation, launched jointly by US and Army of South Vietnam forces, drove into Cambodia to seek and destroy hidden North Vietnamese and Viet Cong sanctuaries.

The Cambodia Incursion was widely considered to be a military success, in that it effectively reduced rearguard and flank activity on forces planning to depart Vietnam while providing the beleaguered Cambodian Lon Nol regime a ready supply of (captured) weapons.  However, the operation was a political disaster for the Nixon administration which had previously articulated a plan to exit the Indochina conflict via a process of 'Vietnamization'.  

In response to the Cambodian Incursion, protests erupted across the USA, culminating in the shooting deaths of students at Kent State and Jackson State Universities.

Yet....what was happening on the ground in Cambodia?  What was the local Asian experience during this time?

For the first time ever onscreen, this pivotal moment in history is dramatized in FREEDOM DEAL from a local Cambodian point of view. The movie also features a supernatural folkloric twist, in the form of startling appearance of a spectral, vampiric floating head being known as an 'ARB' - appearing for the first time ever in a movie intended for international audiences.

Internationally, FREEDOM DEAL: Story of Lucky continues to ply the festival circuit, captivating many who know little about the 20th century conflicts in Indochina; a programmer at the USA based Highway 61 Film Festival sums up the reaction of many Westerners who encounter the FREEDOM DEAL project for the first time:

"A strong, interesting story with good characters and excellent acting. And the supernatural element was bizarre but just right for the story" - Highway 61 Film Festival

Find out more about ' The Story of Lucky' and the feature and episodic components of the FREEDOM DEAL project at http://www.freedomdealmovie.com ~ International co-production inquiries regarding the FREEDOM DEAL feature and episodic projects, kindly contact camerado@camerado.com