Friday, March 11, 2005

Beef Trip with Cheese Fish

Just thought I'd add this while I remembered:

***"BEEF-TRIP WITH CHEESE FISH"*** was listed in the menu the other day up in Ratanakiri.

Showed the hilltribe short demo tonight to the NGO folks; they seem positive and some figures were discussed (though no formal offer or green light to start shooting, etc).

Could conceivable be starting up right away...but what about my students? Shall I get them to sell brinze Buddha heads on Ebay for me while I'm gone?

Just for the record I thought I'd add that I'm not living large. In fact, finally moved out of the OKAY guesthouse, across the street to a house that I'm sharing with two Ducth guys and one of theior Khmer wives, they run a travel shop downstairs.

Although I'm just renting a room ($100 per month with attached bathroom--would be $800 bucks per month or more in NYC excpt for the cold water), and this is my first place, my own first autonomous place I've had since w finished shooting Susan Hero back in New Mexico in late June.

I did briefly take a room in the townhouse of a strange old cat lady in Santa Fe (desperate for a roof, as I was sleeping in my car and on couches). But I've chiefly been living VERY low on the hog due to the big gamble I took in moving to NM and overspending on production of Susan Hero--which is now being tighted to a 100 minute rough cut in NYC.


I cannot see,

by what strange eye,

bewitched I be...

[gotta go check out some rock and roll, theres a band playing at Ruby's tonight in Phnom Penh, called the I Love You band]